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Suzanne Mackenzie


The Hypothyroid Diet

Our aim is to help you get the latest and the most balanced information on hypothyroidism.

We want to help you understand both clinical and natural treatments as well as have a full understanding on how the thyroid gland works.

The treatment we determine for ourselves will be based on our understanding of the factors that have contributed to our health at present.

We are not formally trained; we have accumulated our knowledge through discussion groups and sufferers of hypothyroidism over many years. Our expertise lies in our understanding of our bodies as will yours.

Please join our community by filling out your name and your email address on the right of this page and we will give you our free report titled “9 Foods that Actually do Burn off Your Excess Fat”.

Did You Know?

Are Food Labels Truthful About Trans Fats?

As I research more and more about trans fats, I am astonished by what I find, or should I say didn't find on nutrition labels.   I discovered that there can be enough trans fats hiding in our food to exceed the recommended maximum daily limit of 1 to 2 grams per day. Keep in mind that zero grams of trans fats are ideal and as you increase your intake the risk of diabetes, heart disease,  and even some cancers also increase. Most individuals who suffer from hypothyroid … Read More →

Hidden Dangers of Bromine and How it Can Affect Your Thyroid

Bromine is a chemical, similar to fluoride and chlorine,  that  is used in a variety of  inconspicuous places.  This chemical displaces iodine in the thyroid which is crucial to your thyroid health. Bromine can be found  in swimming pools and hot tubs where it is used as a disinfectant alternative to chlorine.  It is also  used in the agricultural industry in pesticides and weed control, and as an ingredient in over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions such as sedatives and antihistamines. Used … Read More →

Effects of Chlorine on Your Thyroid

Although systems are available to clean our water by ultraviolet radiation and ozonation, Municipalities around the world continue to add chlorine to treatment facilities, at entry point, in an effort to remove toxins from the water supply. One of the many health issues associated with chlorine is it displaces the iodine in the thyroid gland. The book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James F. Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C. states: "Chlorine, fluoride, and iodine are chemically related. Chlorine and fluoride block iodine … Read More →

The Hypothyroidism Diet – “The #1 Secret EXPOSED to Lose Weight and Stay Slim Forever with Hypothyroidism” – New 4th Edition

Are you overweight, can’t lose those bulges, have Hypothyroidism? Well if this is you, you must read this book right now. In “The Hypothyroidism Diet” you will not only discover how to lose those inches with a proven system but also:

By Doctor Dee


“An Incredible Amount of Useful Information!”

The first thing I notice about this book is the fact that it is a real book! I don’t mean like one of those read and finished it while on a 15 minute break books. No Sir, this is packed with page after page after page of information into the world of the Hypothyroidism Diet.

Hypothyroidism is a condition where the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough hormones needed for the metabolic processes. The cause of the hypothyroidism most times is the problem with the thyroid gland. While there are different causes of this happening, there is help.

That is where this book comes in. With the incredible depth of comprehensive information within this book, there is no reason why you cannot take control of your life and lose that weight and keep it off, live a healthier life and be happy.

About the book, the 7 day menu and recipes are easy to make and a breeze to adhere to since they are so great. In addition there is a comprehensive section on what foods are best for you along with a few that will totally surprise you, I know I was. Also, I’m not going to give it away but just the info on one thing you need more than anything else will blow you away. And this is to just mention a small part of the book.

So, if Hypothyroidism is the issue, this is the only “must have book” on the market, bar none. To be completely honest, if I had put as much time and effort into writing this book for what it offers, there is no way I would be selling it for anything less than twenty dollars. I can’t believe the amount of priceless information Mackenzie has in this book, incredible value that will leave you feeling great. This is the book to have when it comes to Hypothyroidism.

  • The truth about a key substance that your thyroid needs to work at its best and how much you really need to avoid an adverse reaction
  • discover how you can boost your under active thyroid and lose weight at the same time
  • what foods NOT to eat with an underactive thyroid
  • foods that can actually suppress your thyroid function
  • you will find out what goitrogenic foods are and how much of them you can eat

By Arlene Dayoan

“5.0 out of 5 stars Great Secret Diet for Hypothyroidism”

If you’re one of those people suffering from hypothyroid and you’re finding it difficult to lose weight or keep the weight off, this is a good book to read. It’s got some great tips and information on hypothyroidism, as well as diet tips and recipes.

The author provides a menu a plan and thoroughly describes what the hypothyroidism condition is. For the price of the book, the author includes a wealth of useful information to help you stay on track in order to maintain your die

  • what the causes of hypothyroidism are
  • foods that can actually suppress your thyroid function and how to avoid them
  • which vegetables contain more iodine
  • you will find the BEST diet without having to take pills
  • how to chose the best carbohydrates, protein and fibre for you

By Etselec

“Knowledge, this book has it!”

Knowledge is power and this book has given me the power of understanding and combating my thyroid condition. I didn’t realize there were so many things my doctor didn’t tell me until I read this book. This book is a must read if you or your loved one has a thyroid condition! I had my lemon water this morning…did you?

  • you will discover the surprising facts about Cholesterol, what is myth and what is true
  • a complete list of foods that promote a thyroid health along a 3 week grocery shopping list
  • which popular healthy “super” foods make your thyroid even more sluggish
  • vegetarian recipes for you and simple ways to make protein more bioavailable
  • vital overlooked parts of your body most doctors won’t tell you about that enhance thyroid performance
  • menus and recipes for a 7 Day hypothyroid Diet

By M Jenkins

“Highly Recommend”

This is the only diet book you will ever need if you have Hypothyroidism. It’s got everything from the truth behind Hypothyroidism, to detailed information on what to eat and what not to eat. It even has some really tasty recipes to get you started on your diet and much much more!

The Hypothyroidism Diet

“The #1 Secret EXPOSED to Lose Weight and Stay Slim Forever with Hypothyroidism”

The Hypothyroidism Diet

Hypothyroid Diet

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