Hidden Dangers of Bromine and How it Can Affect Your Thyroid

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  • 12 June, 2013
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Bromine is a chemical, similar to fluoride and chlorine,  that  is used in a variety of  inconspicuous places.  This chemical displaces iodine in the thyroid which is crucial to your thyroid health. Bromine can be found  in swimming pools and hot tubs where it is used as a disinfectant alternative to chlorine.  It is also  used in the agricultural industry in pesticides and weed control, and as an ingredient in over-the-counter drugs and prescriptions such as sedatives and antihistamines. Used … Read More →

Effects of Chlorine on Your Thyroid

Although systems are available to clean our water by ultraviolet radiation and ozonation, Municipalities around the world continue to add chlorine to treatment facilities, at entry point, in an effort to remove toxins from the water supply. One of the many health issues associated with chlorine is it displaces the iodine in the thyroid gland. The book, Prescription for Nutritional Healing by James F. Balch, M.D. and Phyllis A. Balch, C.N.C. states: "Chlorine, fluoride, and iodine are chemically related. Chlorine and fluoride block iodine … Read More →

Diagnostic X Rays Contributor to Thyroid Cancer

The American Thyroid Association has released a public statement informing us to be aware of the dangers of over using x rays as a diagnostic tool by dental and medical professionals. These are ok in isolation but we are seeing a lot more reliance on x rays by these practitioners. Have we forgotten Chernobyl? Have we forgotten that exposure to radiation is the biggest contributor to thyroid cancer? Chernobyl is considered one of the worst nuclear plant explosions the world … Read More →

Latest Study Finds Connection between BPA and Hypothyroidism

Early Study suggests possible connection between BPA and Hypothyroidism I just came across this study by a group of researchers led by  Catherine Viguié, PhD, of Toxalim, Research Centre in Food Toxicology in Toulouse, France. What is BPA? Not everyone is aware  that BPA is a chemical hidden in many of the products we consume. It is practically impossible to avoid unless you are lucky to live in a country where it has been banned. It is a found in … Read More →

Fluoride and Hypothyroidism

Fluoridation and Hypothyroidism Did you realize that fluoride was once used to reduce the effects of hyperthyroidism!! Today we live in communities ingesting drinking water with fluoride doses being similar to that once prescribed. Is it possible that this is contributing to hypothyroidism? Consider the widespread problem we have with obesity, lethargy, depression and heart disease, just to mention a few. It’s probably time we all take a look at some of the documented research undergone on this topic.   … Read More →

Thyroid and endocrine disrupting chemicals

One of my friends, for many years, had a plastic injection molding business and the other day when we were at a store looking for bottles of water she told me not to buy certain brand because she knew that the plastic used by that specific company was highly toxic. I’m not fond of drinking this type of bottled water but, water bottled in glass bottles is way too expensive here – and scarce, so, when I forget to take … Read More →

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