Combining Food Rules

What is meant by "Food Combining"? Eating certain foods at the same time can interfere with digestion. Food combining is the idea that in order to better digest our food and to allow greater nutrient absorption, we should avoid eating certain foods at the same time. Protein and starch should not be eaten at the same time. Proteins, specifically animal such as meat, eggs, fish and dairy, require acidic stomach juices to be digested properly. Starches, such as grains, potatoes … Read More →

How to Improve Digestion

Simple and Easy Ways to Improve Digestion Do not drink cold or sweet liquids –  according to Chinese medicine, cold puts out the "fire" which is necessary for digesting your food. Drink only 4 oz of green tea with meals – green Tea helps us to digest our food and 4 ounces will not dilute the precious gastric juices. Eat only warm or hot foods, cooked or at least slightly steamed. Cooking our food is like pre-digesting it. The heat … Read More →

Kelp & Benefits

Benefits of Seaweed Kelp benefits come from the multiple nutrients it contains. This seaweed is packed with more than 60 minerals, elements and amino acids. But one of the key elements in kelp and, which makes it perfect for treating hypothyroidism, is iodine. Iodine is required by the body to form thyroid hormone. What's more Kelp has long been used as a treatment for hypothyroidism, even before it was understood that the iodine played a role. Kelp may also be … Read More →

Winter Wonderland… Nourish and Revitalize Your Body!

  Why Winter? Winter is a great season to balance and strengthen your immunity. Since we go through bitter cold weather it seems like it would weaken us, but the opposite is true. In Ayurveda digestion and immunity are connected. When your digestion is strong, so is your immunity. Winter is; a more restful season, nature is at rest, you can take this time of the year to give your mind and body extra nourishment in winter your body's natural … Read More →

Ghee … A Healthy Fat

  History of Ghee Ghee is the main Ayurveda cooking medium that has been around as long as Ayurveda, roughly 5 thousand years. If you are looking for a cooking oil that is healthy,  consider Ghee – it has a rich, buttery taste and aroma, and it has numerous health benefits. What Is Ghee & How Is It Made? Ghee is clarified butter – the process for making ghee is very simple, you take 1 pound of (preferably organic) butter, … Read More →

Why coconut water is so good for you?

Hope you’re having a tranquil and enjoyable holiday season, and that you are not having any digestion issues… due to overeating 😉 Here…. it’s been an adventure. Many of my family members got sick; perhaps too much food for some, and maybe a virus got into others. Thank goodness I have escaped both! One of the things that helped a lot was precisely what I was telling you about the last time: coconut water! Coconut water has been used as … Read More →

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