Seaweeds that Boost Thyroid Function

Did you know that hypothyroidism is the most common under-diagnosed condition? It's estimated that about eleven million people in United States alone are hypothyroid. Many of these people are iodine deficient and don't know it. Iodine, an essential mineral that promotes good health and functioning of the thyroid gland can easily be added to your diet … No, we are not talking about salt. Most people think iodine comes from salt, and while there is iodine in common table salt, … Read More →

Foods That Help The Thyroid Gland

An overactive or underactive thyroid gland can result in a number of troublesome symptoms that require attention. Fortunately, while you find out what is the most apropriate treatment for you, you may start including foods that help the thyroid gland; they support thyroid function mostly by providing a source of the mineral iodine, which is crucial to a healthy thyroid, plus other key nutrients that support thyroid hormone production. The thyroid gland, which is located in the neck, produces hormones … Read More →

Wheat and Hypothyroidism

Today we’ll talk about the relationship between wheat and hypothyroidism, how this grain can affect those who have low thyroid function, and why some doctors and health care practitioners advise to avoid eating it. Why wheat? Because some of you’re wondering about it, like Jacqui who wrote to us saying: Hi, thanks for the great articles recently on goitrogens and soy…. now we need a similar article for wheat and products containing wheat….noodles, bread, flour, etc. This is another item … Read More →

Dark Chocolate and Thyroid Gland

Yesterday we talked about a fun topic, dark chocolate, and all its remarkable benefits – if go to Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate and get up to speed. Many of you shared your comments with us and let us know how much they enjoy a piece of dark chocolate each day, but others wrote asking if chocolate was good for people with thyroid issues. The answer is that it should be OK if it’s consumed in moderation, and if you … Read More →

Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate

Do you like dark chocolate? To me it's the best sweet treat there is on earth! I know, some people find it too bitter but I bet.. if they knew about the health benefits of dark chocolate they'd consider to give it a serious chance Chocolate is plant derived, and as other plant derived foods, fruits and veggies, it can be part of a healthy balanced diet. Okay, let's dive into the numerous… Health Benefits of Dark Chocolate To start … Read More →

Pu–erh Tea Health Benefits

While sipping a hot cup of tea in my kitchen I want to tell you about a tea that’s becoming quite popular on this side of the world… It’s called Pu–erh tea! Pu-erh tea is one of the favorites in China where it’s known as black or dark tea but it doesn’t have to do anything with the black tea we know in the West. Pu-erh tea undergoes a unique process… Its leaves are rolled and dried and then submitted … Read More →

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