Fenugreek for hypothyroidism

Some days ago we received a question on Fenugreek, which is used as a spice and a herb. Fenugreek is one of the oldest cultivated herbs and its uses are numerous. It’s been found that it can help to lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar levels, treat skin inflammations, and increase milk production in pregnant woman, among other things. Here is the Question: Will daily consumption of fenugreek seeds ( no more than one ounce per day ) interfere with synthroid … Read More →

Milk: Is it good for hypothyroidism?

One of the beverages I’ve never liked is milk… I remember that my parents made me drink it when I was little because it was an important food in my family and culture in general, and that I’d hold my breath while swallowing it down quickly to avoid tasting it fully. The consumption of milk by humans seems to be getting more and more controversial every day and recently we got questions about it: Is milk good for people with … Read More →

Exotic fruit offers a bunch of health benefits

One of my favorite fruits is kiwi, specially the gold kiwi, which has a mellow yellow flesh.. very yummy! I didn’t know, until recently, that this fruit is also known as Chinese gooseberry and that it is native to Shaanxi province in eastern China. What’s more… this exotic fruit is recognized as China’s national fruit, did ya know that? I thought it was native to New Zealand because they have done a very good job at marketing it. The truth … Read More →

Six thyroid blockers

Today I woke up inspired to cook so I’ve decided to make scallops for lunch. I luv sea food, as you may know it, and these mollusks are among my favorite. They are so easy to make and tasty, and did ya know that they have key nutrients that help promote cardiovascular health and protect against colon cancer? Scallops are rich in vitamin B12. They also have magnesium, selenium and lots of protein… all nutrients that keep your thyroid happy … Read More →

Low Thyroid and Sugar Problems?

While receiving a sun massage through my office’s window I’ll answer a question we got recently… Which foods are good for people with hypothyroidism and people with diabetes. The thing is that some of you are living in a household where these two issues are present and are wondering what you could eat without having to prepare two menus! To make the answer sweet and short I’d say that in general, a diet that includes low to medium glycemic foods, … Read More →

Fat that Burns Fat

One of my favorite fruits, yes, it’s a fruit not a veggie, is avocado, or ‘aguacate’ as we call it in Spanish. To me, avocado is a healthy comfort food that can be eaten alone with sea salt, in a salad, as a main dish and even as a dessert, because you can make a chocolate mousse with it.. mmhh. Some people still think that avocado is fattening but it is not. Of course if you eat a dozen everyday … Read More →

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