Why Turkey?

The holidays are around the corner and the smell of turkey cooking in the oven is getting closer and closer. Turkey is a Holiday staple food but it’s also popular the rest of the year among those watching their diet and waistline. It’s a low fat meat, if eaten without the skin, it’s satisfying and a good source of protein, which is something key to have if wanting to burn extra fat with no hunger. But the benefits of turkey … Read More →

Big energy thieves ..

Last time we talked about some foods that can rob you of your precious energy. We mentioned sugar, caffeine and high carb foods, and said that today we would talk about other things so heeere we go.. The first one belongs to the category of ‘foods’ and it is something becoming very popular, and something many people still think is safe. Artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are not good for the body. First of all they are linked to fatigue but … Read More →

Beverage…helps the thyroid or not?

A few days ago we got a very good question from Bruce and I’d like to share with you not only this but, what we have found with the aim to help you understand more the role food plays in your health. It’s about milk. Bruce said that he has noticed his thyroid destabilizes when he includes milk in his diet. You may know that milk is one of the sources of iodine so this is kind of surprising. Even … Read More →

Controversial food to avoid

Here I am, hugging a tree and trying at the same time to write this email; I am outside, the wind is blowing quite fast and I don’t want to be blown away. The good thing is that it is warm, quite enjoyable and refreshing, so before I or my laptop starts flying let me share with you an email that Colleen, one of our subscribers sent to us with very important information. It’s about soy which you know we … Read More →

Are U Eating the Fruit of the Angels?

You may don’t know it but papayas were called ‘fruit of the angels’ by the famous explorer Christopher Columbus. If you are not buying and enjoying this remarkable fruit I think you will after you learn about it today. The good thing is that you can find it year round since papaya trees produce fruit all the time. Papayas grow in tropical climates and have been associated with good digestion, but a closer look to this fruit reveals all its … Read More →

Is This Food Good for You?

Yesterday, I went to the supermarket to grab some fish for dinner and as I strolled by the refrigerators I could see all these new soy products piled up, with colorful and nice-looking labels; one said ‘soy fabulous’ and I thought, mh, is it really? There’s a big controversy around soy products, maybe you’re aware of it. According to some studies it seems that soy is not that great for you – unless it hasn’t been over processed. When soy … Read More →

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