Calcium Build-Up

Calcium build-up is a common concern among those who need to increase their calcium intake. Today we’ll talk about this important mineral (which is the most abundant in the body) and safe ways to boost your calcium consumption, plus other interesting things 😉 Let’s get started with a question… Q: I’ve a question regarding the controversy over calcium supplements and clogged arteries. Many homeopathic and natural nutritionist believe we can obtain all of the necessary calcium we need from our … Read More →

Four hormones linked to infertility

Last week, Duncan Capicchiano, ND, helped us answered your questions on hypothyroidism and infertility, and we said that we’d add to the discussion so here we are… The first thing we’d like to mention is something called excess estrogen. Estrogen is a sex hormone that is produced by fat cells and more than anything by the ovaries – which by the way also produce testosterone. Testosterone is a sex a hormone that we, women, also have. Testosterone as well as … Read More →

Mercury, toxin worth replacing for thyroid health?

  • By Low Thyroid Help
  • 1 February, 2012
  • Comments Off on Mercury, toxin worth replacing for thyroid health?

After so many years without having a dental cavity, about 6 or 7, I finally had to endure three needle pinches and an hour and a half of dental work. What happened was that the dentist had a hard time to hit the nerve, so the anesthesia was not making effect in the right spot! Anyhoo, two days after that mini torture, the cavity is gone as well as the mercury filling, which I had for decades. Thankfully I don’t … Read More →

Alcohol sugars… any good?

A couple of days ago we talked about our preferred natural sweetener, stevia rebaudiana, also known as ‘sweet herb’. This herb that grows in South America, is 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar, can you imagine? And the great thing about it is that it can be used for baking as well. I personally use it in hot and cold beverages, to make jams, and sometimes in baked goods. Now, some of you are wondering if other called natural … Read More →

What makes it hard to trim the body?

Today we’re going to continue with our topic of… What can make the weigh loss process hard, which brings me to a short story… Yesterday I saw a friend and one of the things she said was that she was very frustrated because she was doing it ALL, even not eating, and still wasn’t losing an inch! The thing is that going hungry and depriving your body of food, of fuel, is not the answer.. what’s more, it’s worse! Why? … Read More →

Is water with bubbles healthy?

Some years ago I traveled to Europe and one of the things I noticed was how much people loved sparkling water. I grew up drinking mostly juices made with fresh fruit or still water so, carbonated water was not a biggie for me; but in countries such as Switzerland and France is very popular… some of the people I met used to sleep with a bottle of sparkling water by the bed! Today, I’m talking about this water because we’ve … Read More →

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