The Low Thyroid Function and Libido Connection

Among the effects of hypothyroidism is its potential effect on sexual desire and performance. The connection between low thyroid function and libido can be both physical and psychological. Since people with a sluggish thyroid are often overweight and chronically tired, they often do not feel like having sex or may have a poor body image that interferes with sexual desire. In addition, like other hormones, thyroid hormones affect sexual desire and performance, so low levels of these hormones may decrease … Read More →

Why is it so hard to trim the body? Part 5 & Final

  • By Low Thyroid Help
  • 2 November, 2010
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I made it! A few days ago I arrived to Buenos Aires after a hurricane of chores, errands, events and emotions… moving oversea is no joke, ah? Now, sitting on the 8th. floor of a modern building in Buenos Aires, and looking at other buildings and lots of trees embraced by a blue sky and plenty of sun rays, all seems like a dream.. and to think of that I’m already starting another one I’ve had some time to explore … Read More →

Your Energy, Libido, Mood and Thyroid Depends on…

Yesterday we were talking about how important it is for you to promote adrenal health if you want to live a healthy, vibrant life (and with peace of mind). In case you missed it, we were saying that the adrenal glands play a key role in your ability to handle stress and in your energy levels. And that their function has a direct effect on your thyroid function. We were saying too that things such as stress and coffee overwork … Read More →

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