The Self Image Concept – Overcoming an Inferiority Complex

The Self Image Concept It’s estimated that approximately 90 percent of the general population suffer from some form of inferiority complex. This means that about 9 in every 10 persons feel that they are inadequate in some way. Why should you focus on the negative, when the positive is so much more exciting and rewarding? The Self-Image – Key to a Better Life I recently came across a book by Maxwell Maltz, M.D., F.I.C.S., entitled “Psycho-Cybernetics, A New Way to … Read More →

Eat in a Calm, Relaxed State

Parasympathetic Nervous System and Digestion All the digestive systems functions from secretion of saliva and pancreatic juice to absorption through intestinal walls, to the work of the liver and the kidneys, are governed by the parasympathetic nervous system. The other branch of the nervous system is the sympathetic nervous system, which governs the stress response (also known as fight or flight). When the sympathetic nervous system is on, the parasympathetic shuts off. In other words, you cannot be stressed and … Read More →

Body Pendulum – Did You Know?

In the world of Kinesiology, self-testing is referred to the ability to muscle test yourself for a positive or negative answer in reference to a substance, emotion, idea or thought. It is one form of communicating with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. There are different methods you can use to self- test. Dousing is another which involves the use of a pendulum. The tester needs to know what their positive and negative swing is before testing anything, so … Read More →

Effortless Life-Supporting Choices Through Meditation

At this point in my career as a holistic health practitioner I feel there is much value in spending time teaching clients and students how to recognize and move through emotional patterns so that nurturing food and lifestyle choices become effortless and joyful. When I first started learning about health through fitness and food I focused much of my attention on what we should be doing to create day-to-day balanced physical states. As I look back, much of what I … Read More →

What are Emotional Stress Release Points

  Where are Emotional Stress Release Points? The ESR's (emotional stress release points) are located above the eyebrows, in the middle of the forehead, aligned with the pupil of the eyes. They are the neuro-vascular holding points for the stomach meridian and are activated with a light touch. These holding points release pent up emotional energy that is keyed up by stress and circumstances. Since the emotional body is connected to the physical body through the stomach meridian, these holding … Read More →

Big energy thieves ..

Last time we talked about some foods that can rob you of your precious energy. We mentioned sugar, caffeine and high carb foods, and said that today we would talk about other things so heeere we go.. The first one belongs to the category of ‘foods’ and it is something becoming very popular, and something many people still think is safe. Artificial sweeteners. Artificial sweeteners are not good for the body. First of all they are linked to fatigue but … Read More →

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