Diet & Weight Loss

Question; I have gained a lots of weight… what should I eat to loose it? Answer; Things that nourish the thyroid gland and which can help you to trim your body include: Lean sources of animal protein and plant-based protein (hemp, chia seeds and legumes). Good fats such as those found in fish from cold, deep water and , and nuts. Minerals that are very important are zinc, selenium, iodine, and iron. Vitamins, Vitamin B and vitamins and vitamin C … Read More →

How Can I Stabilize My Blood Sugar?

Question; How Can I Stabilize My Blood Sugar? Answer; There are many things that affect blood sugar levels. Here are some ways to balance it:  avoid all processed sugars and refined grains (wheat, bread, cookies, crackers, sweets etc.) and consume natural sugars instead in the form of fruit.  make sure that at least 50% of your diet is water-rich vegetables, both raw and cooked (salads, soups, stews, steamed, etc.) take care of your adrenals – rest, deal with stress, avoid … Read More →

Synthroid and Dry Skin

Question; I am taking synthroyd but still my skin becomes extremely dry and my hands and feet get very cold in winter. Is there something natural I can try that help me with these? Answer; The best thing to do for dry skin is self-massaging with oils, use almond oil, sesame oil or any massage oil. Also look at your diet, add flax seed oil (EFA) to your diet, which will help lubricate your skin. Sunita Mohan – HD., R.N.C.P.

Green Powder and Thyroid

Question; My question is whether ingesting the greens in powder form would inhibit thyroid production like eating the veggies raw does. Or is this a good way for "hypos" to get their greens? Juicing or making smoothies is out of the question for me. Answer; Greens that have been powdered have been altered. I, personally, don't consider it a problem, but I do prefer real food vs. pills and powder. Juicing is an amazing way to rebuild the system when … Read More →

Goitrogenic Foods

Question; If I don't have thyroid, is it OK to eat goitrogenic foods? Answer; If you have no thyroid problems you may enjoy goitrogenic foods with the exception of soy, which, according to evidence, interferes with the hormonal system and T4 medication. If you have been diagnosed with hypothyroidism (even sub-clinical) or, alternatively, you have not been diagnosed but are having symptoms, you may eat goitrogenic vegetables as long as they are steamed and are eaten in moderation. That being … Read More →


Question; How much seaweed is OK to eat? I've heard too much can cause hyperthyroidism? Answer; Too much seaweed could cause an imbalance of the thyroid, but hyperthyroidism is something else. Seaweed can be safely eaten twice a week. How much? When you loose desire for the taste, stop – you've had enough. Heather Grace – Holistic Nutritionist and Energy Worker. Question; How do I know that the kelp that I buy is uncontaminated? Answer; I've never heard of kelp … Read More →

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