Plant-Based Protein Foods

Question; According to my research people with hypothyroidism need protein. I'm trying to become vegetarian but I'm afraid that I won't be able to get all the protein I need. What are the best plant-based protein foods? How much should I have daily? Answer; Every living being needs to ingest some protein and the range varies from 8 to 20 % of total calories. No worries, there is much usable protein in plant-based foods. Here are some of the best … Read More →

Q&A on Soy Lecithin and Aloe Vera

Today we are going to answer a couple of questions that we recently received … The first one is about aloe vera. Last time we talked about the health benefits of aloe vera and gave you a recipe that uses oatmeal and fresh aloe vera gel to combat dry and itchy skin. Here is the question we got in regards to aloe vera gel: Q: What does ‘fresh’ gel mean? We used the term fresh because ideally, the best way … Read More →

Calcium Build-Up

Calcium build-up is a common concern among those who need to increase their calcium intake. Today we’ll talk about this important mineral (which is the most abundant in the body) and safe ways to boost your calcium consumption, plus other interesting things 😉 Let’s get started with a question… Q: I’ve a question regarding the controversy over calcium supplements and clogged arteries. Many homeopathic and natural nutritionist believe we can obtain all of the necessary calcium we need from our … Read More →

Reduced Glutathione and Hypothyroidism

Today, we’ll be answering a question we received from Lisa a few days ago, and then will discuss an interesting topic: reduced glutathione and hypothyroidism. Here is the question: Q: I’ve a question regarding whey powder. I am hypothyroid and am taking Synthroid and Cytomel on a daily basis first thing in the morning. About 1½ hours after taking my medication I have breakfast. I usually have a whey smoothie with strawberries for breakfast. For the liquid in the smoothie, … Read More →

Low Cortisol and Adrenal Fatigue

Yesterday we talked about adrenal fatigue and gave you some suggestions on how to boost adrenal function. Today as promised, we’ll address the topic of low cortisol and adrenal fatigue because to some people it seems hard to overcome adrenal exhaustion, and the answer could be in their cortisol levels. For example, last week Mary wrote and said: “I was wondering if you could give more advice about adrenals fatigue, I am taking all kinds of support but they still … Read More →

Question and answer on Ketones for fat loss

Have you heard of Rasberry Ketone? Well, we recently got a question from Jacque who said… Q: Dr. Oz had someone on his show taking about taking Rasberry Ketone to help loose weight, 100mg at breakfast or if that doesn’t help take 200 at lunch. I went on line to check out prices and one of them said that it may alter your thyroid. Is that true, would it be okay or bad to take Rasberry Ketone? Have a nice … Read More →

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