Answers to Your Questions

At this very moment I am on a train, listening to the chuku chuku (as we call its sound in Spanish) and am going to see my niece who had a baby boy! I’m still in North America, haven’t moved to Argentina yet.. but sooo looking forward to it. Anyway, I am here moving, chuku chukuing 😉 and ready to answer some of your questions. We have got tons lately and apologize for not being able to answer them all … Read More →

Your Questions Answered

Today is a day for umbrellas… Rain is coming down but at least is warm and humid so it feels like in the tropic We are going to share some questions and comments in regards to solar water and ginkgo biloba, two topics we have talked about recently. The first one .. Can I put this blue water (after few hours exposure to sunlight), in the refrigerator or not. Dr. Yousry Abdel-Sabour Yes, you can. As long as you use … Read More →

Q&A on Blue Water

We got many questions in regards to our previous topic,blue water or solar water and we’ll address them today. I said that I personally drink this water often and explained a little bit about it. Among the questions we got is where to buy the blue bottles. I got mine at the supermarket. I bought bottled water from Italy that comes in blue glass bottles and just re-used them. But I know that many people sell them online; if you … Read More →

Answering your questions on T3, T4 and diet

Today, for a change, the day is gray and rainy, which is OK.. if every single day were sunny we wouldn’t appreciate it the same way, I think 😉 So, while seeing the drops of rain falling we are going to talk a bit about thyroid hormones and diet while we answer a a couple of questions we got. The first one is from Aggie who says.. Dear friends, I am worried about my blood test recently. My T3 and … Read More →

More Answers to Your Questions on the Adrenals

  • By Low Thyroid Help
  • 23 March, 2010
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It’s freezing here.. I’m trying to write fast to warm up my fingers It is not that cold really but, it is it grey, rainy, humid. The type of weather that goes into your bones.. at least into mine. This reminds me of the days I lived in Vancouver, called ‘Raincouver’ for a reason. Anyhoo, let’s dive into today’s topic, which is the adrenals. Brenda asked.. Could the same results be obtained with heating pad and follow with cold packs? … Read More →

Answering your questions on medicine, walnuts and fiber

  • By Low Thyroid Help
  • 19 March, 2010
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Wow, you cannot imagine what a gorgeous day we are enjoying right now. It feels that spring has arrived.. and we better enjoy it because next week we’ll dive into much colder temperatures. We got some great questions and we are going to share with you a couple because these are things we have not addressed in this way before so, here we goooo.. Suzanne, Thank you so much for this valuable information. There are so many things to remember … Read More →

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