Answering your questions on cereals

Today we are going to answer three questions that we found very interesting and hope you find them too so, here we go.. Can you explain what rolled oats or amaranth is.. And, how it’s different from popped cereal.. How does Amaranth not change molecules for causing cancer.. Am I asking too much? LOL My 14-year-old daughter believes I ask too many Q’s. Joy and Happiness, Trisa Well Trisa.. here are the answers but before that let us say that … Read More →

More Q&A on sweating, grapefruit and supplements

  • By Low Thyroid Help
  • 19 January, 2010
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We have got some interesting questions that we’ll be answering today so, ready for this ride.. It is curious that last week many of you asked about sweating. Some of you said that no matter how much you exercise and give your best to that workout you do not sweat like a pig.. in your own words 😉 We have been asked if this is related to low thyroid function and the answer is yes. It is very normal for … Read More →

Q&A on flax seeds, gas and digestion issues

Today is crispy cold out there but, the sun is smiling with full force so that kind of makes up for it. So, while I am enjoying the warm weather of.. my office 😉 let’s share with you a couple of questions that we recently got and which we know many of you also have in mind. Here we go with the first one.. You sound terrific, god bless you and your column. Dr’s tell us, the pharmacy companies do … Read More →

Answering your Questions

Today is questions and answers day, yeeeahh.. So are u ready.. One of the things that many of our readers have asked is where to get the nutritional yeast flakes we talked about a few days ago. It seems that some of you are having a hard time to find it where you live.. no worries, you may try this place online, that sells mini-flakes. Another thing that we have been asked a lot lately is how to go … Read More →

Your Questions on Sauerkraut Answered

We are still getting comments and questions in regards to sauerkraut so today we are going to cover these and.. next time.. we will get into something very exciting that has all to do with U.. I cannot tell you more now but keep it in mind, ok, so you don’t miss it. We are glad to see that many of you are trying the sauerkraut recipe and even are looking for more info on it. Valentina, for example, said.. … Read More →

Your Questions Answered

Today we are going to address some questions and comments we’ve got in the past couple of weeks in response to our communications. The first one is from Ellyn who says.. There seems to be a lot of controversy regarding Soy. I tried to research via the internet and in a nutshell found that Soy is OK as long as it is taken in the proper amounts and not in the “fake” manufactured form. I showed this e-mail to a … Read More →

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