More on Armour & Your Questions

Yesterday we celebrated Canada Day, which for us was kind of a quiet and relaxing day in the middle of the week, a nice treat, only interrupted by the sound of fireworks that sparkled in the sky somewhere not too far from here. Today, we are back to normal, if there is such thing 😉 .. and will continue talking about Armour because we got a few messages we want to address before we move on to the topic of … Read More →

Answering more Questions

As we said last time here we are to answer a few more questions we’ve got. The first one is from Ellen who says.. What can I do to increase my serotonin levels? I am already on an antidepressant. I hate it that I can’t think correctly. Ellen Ellen, there are foods that help to increase the production of serotonin in the brain and these are high in carbohydrates, such as grains and fruits. Now, other neurotransmitters that is important … Read More →

Answering Your Questions

From this sunny and warm corner of the world – yes it gets quite hot and humid here in Canada too – we’ll answer some of your questions today. Ok, the first one.. I am a vegetarian, is this hypothyroid also for Vegies? Eveline Eveline, The Hypothyroid Diet contains information that suits vegetarians as well as meat eaters and that includes the recipe section – Now, we are in the process of adding more vegetarian sources of protein and … Read More →

Your Questions Answered – Nutritional Yeast & Soaking Grains

  • By Low Thyroid Help
  • 12 May, 2009
  • Comments Off on Your Questions Answered – Nutritional Yeast & Soaking Grains

Last week we talked about nutritional yeast and a seed, considered a grain that many of you didn’t know about, amaranth. Today we are going to answer a couple of questions we got in regards to these topics, and next time we’ll share with you some great info on another seed/grain that is packed with nutrition and which is beneficial for so many reasons. OK, let’s get started. The first one was about the difference between nutritional yeast and brewer’s … Read More →

Q&A, Selenium… good, but not so good?

One of the questions we got recently came from Darren who asked about ‘research on selenium and whether there is any evidence to suggest it can help low thyroid.’ The answer is yes. Selenium is one of the crucial minerals the thyroid needs to produce its hormones in a balanced ratio. Selenium, which is an antioxidant, assists the conversion of T4 to T3 peripherally which means that if your body lacks this mineral your thyroid may suffer and become underactive. … Read More →

Q&A… Ban these foods?

We’ve been getting tons of emails with questions and valuable comments so what we are going to do, starting today, and for a couple of weeks is to go over as many as we can so.. buckle up. Something we’ve been asked again and again has to do with distilled water. Is it good, is it OK to cook with it, is it better than spring water, etc. Here is what we know about it. Distilled water is something good … Read More →

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