Your questions answered

Yes, today is the day to answer some of your questions, so here we go.. Hi Monika I have quite a few carab trees in my garden, as I live in Malta, one of the nicest island in the Mediterrean. Any idea how I can use the fresh carob fruit. Here in Malta we do carab syrup which good for coughs and throat infections and flu. Warm wishes from Malta. Josephine Well Josephine, first of all thanks for the health … Read More →

Answer, comment and special invitation

A few days ago we talked about the greatness of mung beans so today, to get started let’s share a valuable comment we got from Robin, although Leslie also mentioned it; thanks to both ‘You can also soak mung beans and eat them raw they help remove metal out of the glands and the body, sometimes if you are eating mung beans and you have a slight headache it is because the mung beans are stripping metals out of the … Read More →

Your Questions and Comments

Last week we talked about a substance that blocks calcium, oxalate. We listed a number of foods that contain this substance and said that unless you had kidney problems there was no need to eliminate these foods from your diet and that food rotation was key. Well we got a question from Debra who said, Suzanne, I enjoy green smoothies very much – made with fresh spinach, kiwi, banana, green grapes, blueberries and water. They are very good for me … Read More →

Answers to your questions

Guess what? The sun keeps shining, yesss, we continue having gorgeous days on this part of the planet earth after those tropical storms I told you about not long ago. As the saying goes, after a storm comes a calm. We can learn so much from nature, don’t you agree. Well, today we are going to answer a few questions we’ve got and the first one is regarding wild yam. Some of our readers have asked us if wild yam … Read More →

Questions, Answers, Comments

Today, as stated above we will dive into some Q&A plus comments to make things even more interesting, so let’s move on to the first one. I love your newsletter. But, again I am confused regarding the radishes. Just about everything that I have read lists radishes with the other thyroid inhibiting foods such as cabbage brussel sprouts soy broccoli etc. I did read an article about the Soviet Union using them for Hyperthyroidism. I also read that they can … Read More →

Are flax seeds safe for you?

We got some comments in response to our email on flax seeds that we want to share because we think it is important for you to know as many facts as possible that way you can make an informed decision. At the end, it is you the person who has to decide what is good or not good for you. You are a unique individual with free will, and if you learn the facts, listen to what your body wants … Read More →

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