Can you Lose Weight Eating Cinnamon?

Yes you can Lose Weight  Eating Cinnamon If you love the warm, spicy taste of cinnamon in your coffee or in your holiday desserts, you may be happy to know that this potent spice is not just delicious. Cinnamon is also a natural fat burner! Cinnamon for Weight Loss Here is what cinnamon can do for you… The spice has been used for centuries for a wide variety of medicinal purposes, many of them related to metabolic function. Cinnamon has … Read More →

Exercise is one of the Most Efficient Ways to Boost Metabolism

  It is probably not surprising to hear that exercise is one of the most efficient ways to boost metabolism and burn fat. There are two reasons for this and two types of exercise that are effective metabolism boosters. First, aerobic exercise is a great fat burner because it burns calories and gets resting metabolism going at a higher rate for several hours after you exercise. So, not only does the exercise itself burn calories, but it also allows your … Read More →

Burning Fat with Protein

You may think that burning fat and losing weight is a simple matter of eating fewer calories than your body needs, but the truth is, you can optimize your body’s fat burning potential by understanding what happens to the specific types of foods you eat and to your metabolism in general after eating. Eating 100 calories from fat or refined sugars is not the same as eating 100 calories from lean protein or complex carbohydrates if you are trying to … Read More →

Foods that Boost Metabolism

If we can Boost our Metabolism we can SUCCEED at Weight Loss! Wonderful Water Though it might seem obvious, drinking water is one of the best things you can do for your metabolism. By choosing to drink water throughout the day you avoid getting unneeded liquid calories from soft drinks, boxed juice and other high sugar beverages. Drinking water allows the vital components for your body to function efficiently. Green Goodness You have probably heard your whole life that you … Read More →

Do you Detox before STARTING on a Weight Loss Program

Do you Detox before STARTING on a Weight Loss Program Women especially, before embarking on a diet often seem to go through a detoxification. Now this does a few things – firstly, doing this helps prepare you mentally and in doing so gives you a weight loss boost and secondly by detoxing your system you can help eliminate those cravings that seem to creep up on you.  Now some may be asking “what is a detox and how does this … Read More →

Coconut Oil and Weight Loss – Is It True?

I have just come across some more research into the benefits and workings of coconut oil. You see coconut oil contains a unique fatty acid that happens to stimulate our metabolism, provides an energy source AND promotes weight loss. I’m sure we are all aware that hypothyroidism is an auto immune system disease and as such is one of the reasons treating it with products supplies by Mr Pharma can be ineffective to as many as 80% of patients. A … Read More →

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