Latest Study Finds Connection between BPA and Hypothyroidism

Early Study suggests possible connection between BPA and Hypothyroidism

I just came across this study by a group of researchers led by  Catherine Viguié, PhD, of Toxalim, Research Centre in Food Toxicology in Toulouse, France.

What is BPA?

Not everyone is aware  that BPA is a chemical hidden in many of the products we consume. It is practically impossible to avoid unless you are lucky to live in a country where it has been banned.

It is a found in baby bottles, plastic containers, canned foods and many drinks. It is banned in infant products in Canada, Japan, parts of Europe and the US, but not in Australia!  However some of the top baby product manufacturers have voluntarily banned its use.

What people don’t realise is that it is also present in beer cans, UDL cans, baked bean cans and soup cans.

Results of Past Studies

Harvard studies have found that eating canned soup once a day increases the level of BPA in your body by 1000%.

The US Breast Cancer Fund has found that a single serve of canned corn/beans/evaporated milk is harmful!!

In small doses this is not so bad, the problem is the chemical is found all throughout foodstuffs and at this level it is highly toxic.

 This new study by the French has made a connection between BPA and hypothyroidism. They have determined that BPA may have a negative effect on other endocrine systems, apart from the reproductive system, including thyroid function.

They studied this in sheep which are similar in the way the thyroid works to humans.

They analysed the fetuses and their mother’s reaction to being exposed to BPA. This is what they said;

Our study is the first to show that BPA can alter thyroid function of pregnant animals and their offspring in a long-gestation species with similar regulation of thyroid function as humans," said Catherine Viguié, PhD, of Toxalim, Research Centre in Food Toxicology in Toulouse, France and lead author of the study. "Because of the potential consequences of maternal/fetal thyroid disruption on neural and cognitive development, we think that our study warrants the need for further investigations on the effect of BPA on thyroid function

The sheep they used had all had pregnancies before, some received subcutaneous injections of BPA, and some were kept as the control group. They took samples of blood from the jugular, they took amniotic fluid, placental samples and blood from the cord to see the level of BPA present and to see the levels of TSH (Thyroid Stimulating Hormone) and thyroxine.

The results showed that the exposure to BPA to both the mother and the fetus was associated with a disruption in the functionality of the thyroid as characterised by a decrease in thyroxine levels circulating.

The conclusion is best summed up here,

BPA concentrations in the mother blood in this experiment were fluctuating between injections from 15 to 1 time the highest blood levels reported in pregnant women in the literature," notes Viguié. "As a consequence, although this study clearly indicates that BPA has the potential to alter thyroid function in living pregnant animals and their offspring, it cannot be considered as fully conclusive in terms of risk for human health in the actual conditions of exposure of human populations."

"In other words, although our study clearly indicates that BPA-induced thyroid disruption is possible, it does not indicate how probable such a disruption is to occur in real conditions," added Viguié. "Thus, the main merit of our work is to encourage others, including epidemiologists, to scrutinize and qualify carefully such a probability.

So, escape BPA if you can, be diligent, especially if you are pregnant and pass this on to anyone and everyone so that they can read about the connection between BPA and hypothyroidism.


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