Thyroid and endocrine disrupting chemicals

One of my friends, for many years, had a
plastic injection molding business and
the other day when we were at a store
looking for bottles of water she told me
not to buy certain brand because she
knew that the plastic used by that
specific company was highly toxic.

I’m not fond of drinking this type of
bottled water but, water bottled in glass
bottles is way too expensive here – and
scarce, so, when I forget to take my own
from home or ran out, now I know which
brand is ‘best’.

The thing is…

Researchers have found that the longer
water is sitting in those plastic bottles,
the higher the concentration of chemicals
that can have a detrimental effect on the

Plastic bottles, for example, can leach
Bisphenol A, which is a thyroid and
endocrine disrupting chemical.


Well, BPA mimics the effect of estrogen
causing estrogen dominance in the body
altering the endocrine system, and creating
a hormonal imbalance where the thyroid is
not the only one affected.

Recent studies are saying that this chemical,
(and others such as phthalates, parabens,
PBDE’s, dioxin, pesticides, herbicides,
heavy metals
, etc), can activate the fat
cells in a way that make them store more
fat… weight gain, obesity and diabetes
can happen as a result.

These chemicals are quite tricky…

They pass a wrong message and “trick” the
body prompting the pancreas to secrete
more insulin than what’s needed.

As you know it, insulin is a hormone that
regulates fat and carb metabolism.

It’s been found that BPA is also linked
to breast and prostate cancer, uterine
fibroids, and polycystic ovarian syndrome

How can you minimize your exposure to
BPA — and other similar chemicals?

Some of the things you can do are:

Avoid the use of plastic – even baby bottles
can have it! By the way, do not heat food
in plastic containers; the higher the
temperature the more it leaches through.

Avoid canned foods that have a plastic
coating, plastic wrap, pesticides,
shampoos and cosmetics that contain
artificial preservatives such as parabens.

In short the more natural the better…
something that is not that easy these days,
I know, but fortunately there are easy steps
one can take to reduce one’s exposure to
the myriad of toxins found in the modern
world so, why not do it?

I think it’s in your best interest :)

To a naturally healthy You,


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1 Comment

  • CONNIE BERKO says:

    I just wanted to let you know of another endocrine disrupter. It is reciepts that you receive from most stores. The receipt is made from a thermal paper. It is
    after it is printed that the paper had BPA’s on it. Pregnant women should not
    touch these receipts. After handling them, you should wash your hands. Our
    society has these receipts every where. These BPA’s effect the developing fetus
    as well. I never realized it effected my thyroid as well.

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