Combining Food Rules

What is meant by "Food Combining"?

Eating certain foods at the same time can interfere with digestion. Food combining is the idea that in order to better digest our food and to allow greater nutrient absorption, we should avoid eating certain foods at the same time.

  • Protein and starch should not be eaten at the same time.
  • Proteins, specifically animal such as meat, eggs, fish and dairy, require acidic stomach juices to be digested properly.
  • Starches, such as grains, potatoes and breads, require a more alkaline environment. Eating these foods together neutralizes the environment.
  • Refined carbohydrates such as white flour and sugar, interfere with the stomach juices the most, and are digested very quickly. Where protein (especially meat protein) takes longer. This can make digestion longer and less efficient.
  • Fruit should be eaten alone, or at least 30 minutes before a meal. Fruits are easily digested and can pass quickly through the digestive tract. They are usually digested in 30-40 minutes; much less time than other foods.
  • Complex carbohydrates can take 1 1/2 – 2 hours to digest and protein can take up to 4 hours. When you eat fruit with other foods it can begin to ferment in the stomach. This can slow down the digestion process and cause indigestion and gas.

Overall the basic rules/combinations are:

  • Fruit is eaten alone. Combine animal protein with vegetables.
  • Combine starch with vegetables.
  • Combine vegetable protein (such as legumes soy, seeds) with vegetables.
  • Combine vegetable protein with starch.

Properly combining food can improve digestion, increase energy, and make you feel great!

Wtitten By Ana Cristina Alexandre, Registered Holistic Nutritionist/Certified Personal Trainer

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