How to Improve Digestion

Simple and Easy Ways to Improve Digestion

  • Do not drink cold or sweet liquids –  according to Chinese medicine, cold puts out the "fire" which is necessary for digesting your food.
  • Drink only 4 oz of green tea with meals – green Tea helps us to digest our food and 4 ounces will not dilute the precious gastric juices.
  • Eat only warm or hot foods, cooked or at least slightly steamed. Cooking our food is like pre-digesting it. The heat breaks down the cellulose membrane and allows more nutrients to be available for absorption. Concerned about wasting vitamins in the water? Save it for soup stock!
  • Avoid citrus fruits and juices, pizza and ice cream. Also avoid concentrated sweets, sugar, molasses and honey. These will deplete the digestive system quickly.
  • Limit wheat, dairy, nuts, oils and fats. They are highly nutritious but very heavy and hard to digest. In small amounts, the digestive system won�t be as stressed.
  • Keep meat portions down to 2 to 3 ounces per serving.
  • Stop drinking coffee! Use an alternative such as Teeccino or Caflib. Coffee is too acidic to the bowel and leaches calcium from the blood.

If you find yourself hungry within two hours after a meal, have a cup of herbal tea. When you eat more than your stomach can handle, undigested food sits in the bottom of your stomach and creates heat. This heat is interpreted as hunger.

Heartburn can be either too much or too little stomach acid. How do you know? When your stomach is burning;

  • drink a cup of green tea – if the burning stops, you suffer from too much acid.
  • if there is no relief, then you have too little.

Take a digestive enzyme that contains Betaine HCl and adjust your diet to less wheat, dairy, meat, nuts and fats. Eat more vegetables!!

  • Walk outside in the sunshine at least 20 minutes a day – your pineal gland needs the sun to pick up your moods and your lymphatic system relies on movement to function.
  • Bless your food and ask that it's frequency to nourish your body – giving thanks for what we are about to eat nourishes the soul.

Develop a relationship with your body vs. a relationship with your food. Care about how you treat yourself and what you put into your mouth. Your health will reflect your better choices.

Written by Heather Grace – Holistic Nutritionist and Energy Worker

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