Winter Wonderland… Nourish and Revitalize Your Body!


Why Winter?

Winter is a great season to balance and strengthen your immunity. Since we go through bitter cold weather it seems like it would weaken us, but the opposite is true. In Ayurveda digestion and immunity are connected. When your digestion is strong, so is your immunity.

Winter is;

  • a more restful season, nature is at rest, you can take this time of the year to give your mind and body extra nourishment
  • in winter your body's natural craving is to rest, since the nights are longer and the days are shortest. To take advantage of this natural tendency to sleep more, go to bed a little earlier, and you will wake up earlier refreshed and with more vitality.

We normally feel hungrier at this time due to the lack of activity and the digestive system being high, like a furnace that works harder when the weather is colder. Surprisingly you digest food better in the winter then the other seasons.

Choose foods that support your immune system for example;

  • fresh homemade yogurt,
  • organic warm milk with saffron,
  • cinnamon or nutmeg, vegetables (avocado, carrots and beets),
  • fruits (apples, pears, blueberries etc.),
  • whole grains (brown rice and oats),
  • healthy fats (sesame oil, ghee (clarified butter),
  • nuts and seeds
  • protein-rich tempeh and beans, and eating according to your Ayurvedic constitution.

Eating for the season is very important for overall health and function of your body. When the weather is at freezing temperature it is natural to eat more warming foods and root vegetables (carrots and beets), warming stews and soups, cooked with easy-to-digest fats such as ghee or sesame oil. Avoid cold or ice-cold foods, mucous forming foods (bananas and melons).

Who doesn't benefit from a good massage?

Especially when it's so beneficial for the body, in Ayurveda oil massage is called abhyanga.

A massage helps

  • immunity,
  • improves circulation,
  • warms the body,
  • relieves tension and stress,
  • stimulates all of the organs of the body,
  • flushes out impurities,
  • helps fight disease,

You don't have to go out to get a massage and pay, you can do a self-massage. In India head massages are very common, always use Vata reducing oils, keep a regular daily routine and keep warm. Enjoy hot and gentle yoga, good friends and laughter. The nurturing and nourishing you give your body now will be a source of fuel for the spring and summer.

Written by Sunita Mohan – HD., R.N.C.P.

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