Health Benefits of Aloe Vera

The health benefits of aloe vera
have been known since ancient times!

The aloe plant looks more like a cactus
but, did you know that this plant is
actually a member of the lily family?

There are hundreds of varieties of aloe
vera, but only a few varieties offer very
special health benefits.

Therapeutically, aloe vera can be used
topically, or taken internally to help
heal various health issues.

For the skin… One of the most
popular uses of aloe vera gel is as the
main ingredient in creams and lotions
because it moisturizes the skin keeping it
healthy; but the health benefits of aloe
vera go beyond skin beauty…

It can be quite effective in cases of
cuts, burns, psoriasis, shingles and
itching, something that many people with
hypothyroidism complain about — at the
end, by the way, you’ll find a simple
and effective home remedy you can try
for itchy skin, which uses aloe vera
and something else 😉

One of the incredible things the gel of
aloe vera can do is to penetrate layers
of tissue and break down and digest
dead skin cells!

Aloe vera can also anesthetize tissue and
reduce inflammation

Now, research studies have shown that
the health benefits of aloe vera also

Immunomodulatory properties which means
that it can help boost your immune system
function by producing antibodies and
helping to detoxify and cleanse the
intestinal tract.

Aloe vera contains many nutrients and
compounds such as vitamins, minerals, and
amino acids as well as enzymes that aid
digestion and reduce inflammation.

It also can help to improve circulation
in the blood vessels and lymphatic system,
tone the kidneys, liver and gall bladder.

But wait, there are more health benefits
of aloe vera…

This plant has antibacterial, antiviral,
and antifungal properties thanks to
substances called saponins.

As mentioned before aloe vera is available
in gels, lotions and creams but nowadays it
can be found in some juices and supplements.

Indeed aloe vera has been regarded as a
wonderful healing plant for ages but this
doesn’t mean that is safe for every single

Some people may have an allergic reaction
to the gel and may even experience nausea,
and vomiting.

Some health practitioners discourage the
internal use of aloe vera in patients
with hypothyroidism.


Because this plant may interact with
prescription drugs metabolized by the
liver which means that it can inhibit
the absorption of levothyroxine

and other meds

Okeedokee, now let’s talk about the home
remedy for dry, itchy and irritated skin.

What do you need?

Oatmeal and fresh aloe vera gel.

Make a paste by mixing a bit of oatmeal
with water and apply this paste to the
affected area. Let it sit for 30 minutes
and rinse.

Allow your skin to dry well and right
after apply a thin layer of fresh aloe
vera gel to the same area allowing it to
be completely absorbed.

You may repeat this treatment during the
day (two or three times), and do it for
a week or so until you see an improvement.
If you are experiencing dry skin and
itchiness this easy home remedy could be
what your skin is looking for :)

Well, this is all for now in regards to
the health benefits of aloe vera.

I personally have used it in the past
with much success when I had digestive
issues and my immune system was

To a happy and healthy you,


P.S. No need to be shy… feel free to
leave your comments or feedback below.

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  • Katie says:

    When you say “fresh aloe vera gel”, does this mean that I need to have an aloe plant or can I buy a bottle of 100% aloe vera gel to use?

  • sharon says:

    so in conclusion would taking Aloe Vera juice internally be beneficial if you have under active thyroid. I suffer with digestive problems and have found AV juice to calm this down.

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