Health Benefits of Turmeric

I don’t know why but the past week I’ve
found myself opening my cupboard full
of herbs and spices and reaching for
turmeric, a plant that belongs to the
ginger family and which has a pungent
and bitter taste.

The health benefits of turmeric are many
and quite remarkable… this is why it’s
seen as a potent healing spice in China
and India, where it has been used for
about 2500 years and plays a key role in
the Ayurvedic system of medicine.

For example, did you know that turmeric
can be used as an antiseptic and
antibacterial agent?

Turmeric is also an antioxidant that has
anti-inflammatory properties.

It’s used as a natural liver detoxifier
I wonder if this is the reason why my
body is asking for it!

How does it assist the liver?

By increasing the flow of bile which
in turn has the role of helping the
body to excrete those unwanted fat-
soluble toxins from the body.

Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is being used
by natural health care practitioners to
treat depression and high cholesterol
levels, two common symptoms of low
thyroid as you may know it.

The skin can also benefit from turmeric…

Some manufacturers of skin care products
use it as an ingredient in their formulas
because it is said that it has anti-aging

It is used as well to reduce scars and
make the skin look lighter. People mix
it with a bit of plain yogurt and lemon
juice and apply that paste as a mask.

This plant may also be useful in the
treatment of inflammatory skin conditions
including psoriasis.

Nowadays turmeric is gaining more and
more attention from researchers and
the effects of turmeric on diseases such
as cancer, arthritis and Alzheimer’s
disease are being investigated.

This herbaceous plant native to South
Asia thrives in hot and rainy climates.
It can be used in powder form but also
fresh like its cousin, ginger.

These days I’m using a bit of turmeric
in almost everything I cook… to me it
goes well with sauteed veggies, meats,
tomato sauces, and legumes.

The other day I mixed it with coconut
milk, sauteed garlic, onions and
tomatoes, chopped fresh basil, oregano
and thyme and you know what?

The flavor I got was to die for!

I hope you try it if you haven’t, and
encourage you to be creative with your
recipes so you enjoy the numerous health
benefits of turmeric
while transporting
yourself to a homey kitchen in Bombay :)

Wishing you a healthy and spicy day,


P.S. No need to be shy… feel free to
leave your comments or feedback below.

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  • jen says:

    Hi Monica.

    I really appreciate all of the information you’ve shared with me. I agree with you concerning Tumeric, it is a spice that I enjoy, it is especially great in soups. The only problem I have with it is that it can elevate blood pressure. I’ve used it to help alleviate arthritis pain, it works.

    Thanks Jen

  • Addie says:

    Can You use curry powder in all these recipes as well as on your skin instead, if you don’t have turmeric?

    Thanks for your help.



    Addie, curry powder has just a bit of turmeric so it’s best not to use it on your skin. You may use it for cooking (it tastes good too) but again the amount of turmeric won’t be the same.


  • luckitri says:

    hmmmm . . . .everything I tried it in came out yuck. Maybe there are different qualities of it? So now it sits in cupboard because family will eat nothing I put it in. Tried a few new to us recipes like Persian catfish and Pakistani lentil dish and they said – “that was delicious but don’t ever serve it again!”

    Maybe I should buy gelcaps & take it that way or make skin paste to absorb? I already have huge toxic liver throw up bile problem and the turmeric is same color as the bile and did seem to increase the number of those events so I did not think of it as good thing – but maybe that is healing my very sick liver?


    Luckitri, perhaps you used too much. Turmeric has to be used in small quantities because its flavor is very strong. Yes, the healing process can exacerbate the symptoms and many times they get worse before they get better and disappear. You could try gel caps and see how you do. Why do you consult a natural health care professional and find out what would be a good detox program for you? You may need much more that turmeric to detox your congested liver.


  • Kevin says:

    Do you know how much tumeric do you need to be effective?




    Since turmeric comes in different presentations it depends… According to our best knowledge 400 to 600 mg of the standardized powder can be taken up to 3 times a day. The tincture, 15 to 30 drops four times a day and when it’s fluid extract, 30 to 90 drops per day.

    When cooking with turmeric you can have 1 to 2 teaspoons a day throughout the day.

    All the best!

  • alganesh says:

    Yes i agree with i also have started using it normally at home we use it as a couloring spice but i accidently descovered its use as i was looking for all natural staff
    It has a good test too
    Thanks for your sharing

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