Big energy thieves ..

Last time we talked about some foods that can rob you of your
precious energy. We mentioned sugar, caffeine and high carb
foods, and said that today we would talk about other things so
heeere we go..

The first one belongs to the category of ‘foods’ and it is
something becoming very popular, and something many people still think is safe. Artificial sweeteners.

Artificial sweeteners are not good for the body.

First of all they are linked to fatigue but there is much more to them that you may be aware of.

They are also linked to weight gain. How come? It sounds
contradictory, you may be saying.

Well, according to researchers, artificial sweeteners can condition the body to think that sweetness doesn’t mean calories. This causesa disruption in your body’s ability to your assess caloric intake.

The end result.. overeating.

It’s like giving permission to your body to eat more because
it is calorie free.

There are other things that people who have used artificial
sweeteners have reported such as nausea, insomnia, allergies,
heart palpitations, and muscle spams.

Epilepsy, Alzheimer’s Disease and Parkinson’s Disease have been
also linked to artificial sweeteners.

Ah, it’s also been found that these fake sweeteners can hamper
the function of the thyroid gland.

By the way, splenda is included here.

So, after knowing all this why not opting for a more natural
alternative such as stevia or, a bit of sucanat at least.

Stevia is a plant from South America that is way sweeter than
sugar and, which is found in almost any health food store in
powder form.

It hasn’t been linked to any bad side effects, unless you are
allergic to the plant, and you have to use just a very little.

Now, there is another thing that can rob you of energy big time, and which I would like to mention. Energy vampires.

Do vampires exist?

Oh, yes. They are those people that we think make our life
difficult, treacherous, miserable but, the truth is that it’s not them but us.

Each of us is responsible for allowing these people to suck our
energy out. It can be a family member or a coworker. No matter who it is, when we relinquish our inner power to this person we are opening our gates allowing an instant transfusion of energy that leaves us drained, depleted, moody, angry, you name it.

I’ve had this experience with close relatives but now I’m very
aware of it and refuse to fall into the game and take in what is not mine.

One day I realized that I’m not responsible for anyone’s happiness or misery, no matter how much I care for them.

I am a grown up person so they are.

Allowing people to steal your energy, to live of you, is not good for anybody. It is not healthy for you or for them.

Personal growth comes from being responsible for oneself, your own map, your own geography, and that includes your mountains, valleys, deserts, rivers.. all that you are wether you like and or not.

If you are allowing someone to be your energy vampire let him/her go and you will see how lighter you feel.

You will have more energy to focus on what is important to you;
you will achieve clarity and not only your zest for life will beamplified but your whole health will reap the benefits.

This is imperative to accomplish your desires at all levels.

It is a personal choice; yours, mine, his, hers..

Hopefully one day those vampires get inspired by your actions but ya know what.. in the vast ocean of life you do not have to be drawing with them, or do you..

To a life fully lived :)


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