Study Shows you can Reduce Your Risk of Heart Disease by 70%!!

Queensland institute of Medical Research (QIMR) one of Australia’s largest medical research institutes, have just released a report and found that people  may have a lower risk of cardiovascular-related death by  consuming full-fat dairy . The study was reported by Dr Jolieke  van der Pols. This is what she said in her report;


“We found that people with the highest intake of full-fat dairy had 70 percent less chance of death by heart disease or stroke than those who had the lowest intake of full-fat dairy,” said study leader Dr Jolieke van der Pols from QIMR’s Cancer and Population Studies Group.

“There are other studies that suggest that certain fats in dairy may be protective for cardiovascular disease (CVD),” said Dr van der Pols from QIMR’s Cancer and Population Studies Group.

“It is possible that milk fat may contain nutrients that counteract the expected negative effects of the saturated fat in dairy products.”

Over 1500 people were involved in the research undertaken by the scientists over an amazing 16 year period!

This is great for believers of natural foods. However we all know this can take 10 years before it will be recognized by the world generally.

Their is something in the full cream milk that is not known about that leads to this result.

The other benefit to this is the intake of calcium, especially necessary for women and children.

Take notice of this sort of “not known” research as it will truly help us all to function better

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