Body Pendulum – Did You Know?

In the world of Kinesiology, self-testing is referred to the ability to muscle test yourself for a positive or negative answer in reference to a substance, emotion, idea or thought. It is one form of communicating with your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. There are different methods you can use to self- test. Dousing is another which involves the use of a pendulum. The tester needs to know what their positive and negative swing is before testing anything, so there is some training involved, just as there is with the muscle testing. There is however, one form of self-testing that does not require any training for, and that is “The Body Pendulum”.

The Body Pendulum requires your body and a question.

The form of the question varies, as it can be verbal or substance. Here is how it works.

  • A positive response to an energy in our aura expands our energy field easily out to six feet
  • A negative response to an energy in our aura can shrink our energy field down to as little as two inches.

We can measure this response using different methods, as mentioned above, but today we are using just our body.

Stand or sit with your spine unsupported and very straight. Hold a substance such as a food or vitamin bottle and pay attention as to the direction your torso sways. If you are pulled forward, that is a positive response. If your torso is pushed backwards, then you have received a negative response. If you shift from side to side, that means a neutral response. There is no harm, but there is also no benefit.

Now try the same testing method with a question. Hold the question in your mind or say it out loud. Again, pay attention to the direction that your torso sways. Forward is always a yes, backwards is always a no and side to side is always neutral.

You can use this self-testing anywhere and with any aspect of your being. You can communicate using yes/no questions to your spirit, higher-self, guardian angel, spirit guides, physical body or your ego. I look at self-testing as the telephone and your intention will allow you to communicate with whom you are asking the question.

Always re-check your responses on a different day. Energetically, we change from day to day depending on the stress levels or moods we are in. What tests as a no, say for a food today, could very well be a yes tomorrow. The same goes for vitamins. Your body may not want vitamins every day. You may only be able to tolerate them every second or third day. Today may not be a good day to book your trip but next week may be. Play with it and practice the quality of your questions. The answers that you receive can only be as good or as thorough as the questions that you ask.

Problems you can encounter

Sometimes your testing may be so subtle that you can’t read it. You may not be “electrical”. This could be due to a deficiency in minerals, low stomach acid or high stress. Minerals are absolutely necessary for us to hold an electrical charge in our body and minerals are dependant on stomach acid for metabolizing and absorption. Start with testing yourself holding a bottle of digestive enzymes that contain Betaine Hydrochloride. If nothing happens, pick up a bottle of multi-minerals. Don’t take them internally, just hold the bottle. If minerals or low stomach acid are the issue, the test should be strong enough for you to feel it. If nothing happens, then the suspect is stress, and that will lead us into my next article.

Written by Heather Grace – Holistic Nutritionist and Energy Worker

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