Effortless Life-Supporting Choices Through Meditation

At this point in my career as a holistic health practitioner I feel there is much value in spending time teaching clients and students how to recognize and move through emotional patterns so that nurturing food and lifestyle choices become effortless and joyful.

When I first started learning about health through fitness and food I focused much of my attention on what we should be doing to create day-to-day balanced physical states. As I look back, much of what I taught was lists of what to do, what not to do and why. I hoped that students would somehow find a way to make better lifestyle choices. It wasn't long before I realized that as much as people can know what they should be doing to stay healthy most of us fall short of consistent healthy lifestyle choices not for lack of information but because our choices are often driven by the emotional body which will sabotage what we think we want for ourselves every time.

In these days in particular, where life seems to be full to the brim and beyond, we are often so involved in the busy-ness of our lives that we lose touch with ourselves. Most people I encounter are in an ongoing battle between how they live and how they want to live. How do we remedy this?

What we are lacking is not information but awareness. This can be cultured most effectively by a daily encounter with ourselves in a meditation practice where we can open in silence and stillness to what is present, including all aspects of our experience. Bringing awareness to what is softens the grip of thought and emotional patterns on us and shows us clearly who we really are, which is beyond the body, thoughts, illnesses, emotions and circumstances that we identify with. It can help us to see beyond our so-called problems to the gifts in disguise that they are. Who we really are, pure spirit, can then begin to illuminate all our choices, big and small, from career to relationships, to which practitioners to work with, to what to have for dinner.

In my experience, it is the day to day meeting with my quiet center that fuels my heart, my intuition, my choices. Yes, it does take time to meditate everyday, but what is time anyway? How much time do we spend in meaningless activities and conversations, and states of being that are less than alive? In a sense a regular meditation practice gives us time because we are less likely to stray from our authentic and soul-guided path.

So just start sitting in silence without any expectations and a willingness to be present to all that arises. Do your best to be aware without getting hooked into thoughts, doubts, list-making, stories, physical discomfort and sounds. From the midst of all of this, as you allow everything to be as it is, will dawn a sweetness that is free and open and unaffected. As we strengthen this place through a regular meeting with it in practice we are less and less likely to make choices that take us farther from it. While I'm unable to explain how all of this works I do know that spirit is a mystery that simply needs to be trusted. Enjoy!

Written by Caroline Dupont – M.Sc. Holistic Health Practitioner

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