Fenugreek for hypothyroidism

Some days ago we received a question on Fenugreek,
which is used as a spice and a herb.

Fenugreek is one of the oldest cultivated herbs
and its uses are numerous. It’s been found that it
can help to lower cholesterol, stabilize blood sugar
levels, treat skin inflammations, and increase milk
production in pregnant woman, among other things.

Here is the Question:

Will daily consumption of fenugreek seeds
( no more than one ounce per day ) interfere with
synthroid medication I take for my hypothyroid
condition? I have read so much about the benefits of
fenugreek and just read that it’s consumption could
throw the hormones off balance. I’d appreciate your
feedback at your earliest convenience.

Best regards,


This is a question hard to answer in a way because
there are many opposing messages out there. I
remember that not long ago I read an article from
a Canadian natural health magazine that said
that fenugreek could alter thyroid function – it
may interfere with conversion of T4 to T3 thyroid

According to lab studies conducted with male rats that
were given fenugreek seed extract for 15 days, levels
of serum T3 decreased while T4 levels increased.

Now, we also have read that this is a wonderful herb
that not only helps with blood sugar levels, and to
dissolve fat within the liver but it assists hair

Some health practitioners do not advise to stay away
from it and say that you may take it three or more
hours away from your thyroid medicine.

So… what’s the final verdict?

Well, the only person who can decide is you. As you
know, monitoring your thyroid function regularly is very
important therefore, the way you feel when you have
this herb, plus the lab tests should help you determine
if it’s OK for you or not; if you’re having too much or
using it too often.

Unfortunately, when it comes to some natural remedies
(and even food) there are many contradictions and little
research studies to say something definitive. You may
know us by now, and know that we believe in trusting
one’s wisdom, intuition and body. When the body doesn’t
agree with something it somehow let us know.

The question is…

Are we listening? Do we want to listen?

We suggest that you use your own criteria. To tune
into your body each and every day and craft your
response according to its needs as you come to
understand them. You know better :)

To your health and inner wisdom,



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  • Rachel says:

    I have mild hypothyroidism (undiagnosed) which I manage through diet and herbal supplements. I’m not familiar with T serums and understanding how either one affects hypothyroidism. So – can you tell me straight-up simple: does Fenugreek tend to make hypothyroidism worse or better? Thank you :)

    • GM says:

      Rachel, in short Fenugreek tends to make it worse. What we said is that it may not have the same effect on every single person – but that’s the answer straight-up and simple.


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