Do you Detox before STARTING on a Weight Loss Program

Do you Detox before STARTING on a Weight Loss Program

Women especially, before embarking on a diet often seem to go through a detoxification.

Now this does a few things – firstly, doing this helps prepare you mentally and in doing so gives you a weight loss boost and secondly by detoxing your system you can help eliminate those cravings that seem to creep up on you.

 Now some may be asking “what is a detox and how does this work”?

 A detox rids the body of toxins and waste products that seem to be “sitting around”, possibly contributing to the excess weight you are trying to get rid of.  Women seen to respond better, we suffer from hormonal fluctuations, which it seems  can contribute to food cravings!


A Basic Detoxification

The most common, and positively looked upon detox, is a very simply a glass of around 2 tablespoons of fresh lemon juice in a glass of water taken an hour before breakfast. Easy.

Combine this with drinking plenty of water during the day. Now this is very important as it flushes the toxins from your body. If you live in warmer climes you really do need to drink a little more water than those not.


The Other Side of the Coin

Many people believe, and I was one for some time, that if your diet is good and balanced, the food you eat is nutritious, you avoid too much alcohol, have a good amount of exercise,  why do you need to “detox”?

After all our body is pretty good at dealing with things that it doesn’t need or that don’t benefit us.  Give it the right foods and it will take care of the rest.

The correct and only answer to this is in you. Only you will know.


Some of the Most Known “Detox Ingredients”

Spanish Black Radish

This has similar properties to broccoli, only more intense.


This boosts energy levels, at the same time reducing tiredness, builds stamina and endurance, also stimulates the digestive system and helps the immune system. An all round “mover”. Taken regularly it does help dramatically with eliminating toxins from the body, resulting in the body’s ability to  take up nutrients much better.

Spirulina is an excellent way to clear out heavy metals, especially, in conjunction with chlorella, a micro algae. These heavy metals include mercury, arsenic and cadmium.


This little baby works its magic on the lymphatic and circulatory systems through promoting sweating and cleansing of the lymphatic glands.  When this happens th4 work load of the liver is lowered.  The other thing this does is it binds to the toxins in the colon thus preventing them from being absorbed into the blood stream.


Eleutherococcus Senticosus

More commonly known as Siberian ginseng. traditionally used in China as a general tonic.  The Koreans  have done studies and found that the polysaccharides in the stems of eleuthero enhance liver function and reduce enzymes linked to liver disease.  The Russians have discovered that this herb helps the body withstand the effects of chemotherapy.  Also can be used following the use of statins and when liver enzymes are high.


This is great for really giving the gut a good cleanse.  This leads to an improvement of nutrients absorbed.

Do you or Don't you “DETOX” before Starting on a Weight Loss Diet

Well the answer will be yours and yours alone. I have given you some information that I hope will help with your decision.








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