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Hello All,

My name is Suzanne Mackenzie and I am the editor here at  www.lowthyroidhelp.com.

I would like to thank you all for being loyal subscribers over the years and wanted to tell you I will to my darnedest to continue to “keep up the good work” of the previous owners.

You would probably like to know a little about myself, so I will start here. I live in Australia, half way up the east coast, in the state of Queensland. This is a wonderful part of the country, warm, lovely beaches, bit wet in January and February, lovely clean air and fabulous people.

I was born way down south in the state of Tasmania, pretty, small, cold by comparison to where I live now, has 4 seasons, and has an iodine deficiency in the environment.

I was diagnosed with Hypothyroidism over 30 years ago, a few years after moving to mainland Australia. I’m sure a lot of you can relate to how difficult this was to get a diagnosis back then. I saw several medical doctors before it was confirmed. Many doctors were quite unfamiliar with the condition, some even misdiagnosing, some perplexed and some treating for other conditions. Eventually, I was referred to a Hematologist, voila, diagnosis. In hindsight it was pretty obvious, I had been brought up in an area in the small state of Tasmania (Australia) where this was quite common; however I was living on mainland Australia where it was not common when the symptoms struck.

During 1st grade, when I attended school we were given “goiter” tablets to take, even had a “goiter monitor” to give them out! I still remember the large glass jar in the cupboard full of these tablets. I think we were given these once a week can’t be precise though.

I have since found out this was a government sanctioned trial!!

I was a pretty fit kid, always playing heaps of sport; my favourites were tennis, horse riding and squash. I had no noticeable signs of what was to come at this stage. It was during my teens that legislation was passed to enable the iodisation of salt, this was put in the bread, mandatory. I guess this helped; it was the end of the “goiter monitor”!

Well that’s a little about myself, what I would like to do now is give you an update on how I would like to contribute to this fabulous community that has developed here.

As my research finds important information I am making it available to you all at www.lowthyroidhelp.com. I will send you through an email as this happens.

This is in the form of new studies, papers and theories on hypothyroidism that I know will be of interest to you.

I hope to hear your stories, keep them coming. It is important that we help each other out and it is a good way is to tell your story to “other people in the same boat”.

Please send your stories through our contact form.

Suzanne Mackenzie

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